Sound Professional – Microphone Recommendations for New YouTubers


No matter what you plan on using your YouTube channel for – vlogging, reviews, podcasting and so on, your audio quality is an element of video production you cannot ignore. After all, poor audio quality is one of the major reasons users will lose interest in your content. In addition, the official YouTube Creator Academy segment on recording audio states that viewers will be more forgiving of poorly recorded video footage than lackluster audio.

So, what is the best microphone option for new YouTube creators? There are a couple I can recommend for people interested in video making, but aren’t yet ready to spend an absurd amount of money on making a truly professional recording studio. If you have a microphone you’d like to suggest, feel free to leave a comment below and let me know!


Blue Yeti

The Blue Yeti is by far one of the most popular audio recording solutions and is suggested by creators all the time – and for good reason. The quality of the sound picked up by the Blue Yeti is unmatched by other microphones in its price range. I myself use the Yeti for recording my audio and I love it. However, I can’t fully recommend this microphone for new video producers without listing a few downsides, the most obvious being the price. The idea of spending over $100 on a microphone just isn’t realistic for many people. In fact, the Blue Yeti can in some situations be too good. If you don’t have a quiet or soundproofed location to record in, you’ll pick up unwanted background noise you’ll need to remove with audio software like Audacity.

Blue Snowball

Thankfully, this is where the Yeti’s younger sibling, the Blue Snowball, comes in. The Snowball is a more affordable (yet less professional-sounding) microphone for people who want great quality without going overboard. The Snowball also isn’t as sensitive as the Yeti, which sacrifices a bit of quality for the convenience of not having as much audio editing to perform after recording.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with either microphone. They’re both great and will give your videos the audio quality they deserve.