The Quality vs Quantity Debate

An argument I’ve seen time and time again between creators from all sorts of backgrounds is the quality vs quantity debate. After all, does it really matter that someone has a massive amount of content in their portfolio if the majority is unimpressive, or even worse, absolute garbage? The concern does have merit. After all, good audio and video quality are a vital component in retaining your viewership.


But there must be validity in the quantity argument, right? Especially when one considers how frequently successful YouTubers upload content. According to these YouTubers, creating a reliable flow of steady video content builds up an audience that will keep coming back to watch more. Not every video needs to be a masterfully edited, award-winning short film, it just needs to be good enough to be enjoyable and hook people into wanting more.

One creative roadblock that took me years to overcome was the fear of making something that was bad. Whether it was creative writing, graphic design or video production. I’d often get halfway through a project before completely scrapping it and starting over or just moving on entirely. However, I eventually realized by never following through with my ideas, even if they turned out poorly, I was hurting myself as a creator.


The truth is focusing on quantity will eventually lead to better quality as well. If you’re serious about making videos and are open to criticism, having a body of work that people can give you feedback on is much more helpful to improving than spending hours upon hours theorizing best practices and experimenting with nothing to show for it. Search engines prefer quantity too, and there’s a higher chance of someone stumbling across your work if there’s more of it online.

Quality is important, but you won’t improve without practice. Quantity is the key to success.